Greeters serve under the direction of the Hospitality Committee by creating a welcoming atmosphere to attendees of parish liturgical services.  Participants will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the service (Mass or other) and greet attendees.  Frequency of service depends on the number of volunteers.
Contact:  Sandra Spinicchia

Greeters Guidelines

The instructions and guidelines below will help you to prepare for your ministry. If you have any questions or
concerns, please contact our Greeter Ministry Coordinator, Sandra Spiniccia, at

1. Arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of your scheduled Mass.
2. Take care to dress appropriately. You take time to dress nicely when you go out with friends
or to a restaurant, so be sure to give God the same courtesy. Also remember that you will be
in close contact with others so fresh breath will be appreciated. ☺
3. After arriving at the church, take a moment to pray for the success of your ministry as well as
for all those you will encounter as you serve.
4. Pick up your nametag from the box located in the Bishop Daley Library. It is usually on one of
the tables or on the small bookshelf near the alb closet. If you do not have a nametag or need
a new one, please contact Sandra Spiniccia.
5. The first Greeter(s) to arrive for a scheduled Mass should greet at the Main door. If you arrive
and there is a Greeter at the Main Door, please greet at the Tabernacle Door. If that door is
manned, please greet at the Organ door. Finally, if all other doors have Greeters, please greet
at the Narthex door. *If the weather allows, feel free to stand outside to greet.
6. Welcome everyone who enters the church.
7. SMILE and shake hands as appropriate.
8. Some greetings you might consider using:
Good morning! Welcome to St. Joseph’s!
Welcome to St. Joseph’s this morning! God bless you!
Hi, I’m ____________. I don’t believe I’ve met you yet.
Welcome! We’re glad you could join us this morning.
"So happy to see you today!"
"Glad you're here!"
"May God bless you today!"
"We are blessed to have you here today!"
9. We do have a large population of Spanish parishioners, so feel free to welcome them in
“Bienvenidos” means “welcome”.
“Dios le bendiga” or (“Dios les bendiga” for more than one person) means “God bless
10. Make sure to greet/speak to the children as well.
11. Make an effort to learn one person’s name every time you serve as a greeter.
12. Offer assistance to anyone needing it. The ushers are available to help with any questions or
issues that arise.