St. Joseph Parish Pastoral Council



The Pastoral Council is concerned, in general, with implementing, at the parish level, the mission of the Diocese of Harrisburg: To share the experience of salvation received from Jesus Christ in the living Catholic tradition of Word and Sacrament, drawing all persons into a believing, hoping, loving, and serving community, which, empowered by the Spirit, gives glory to the Father through Jesus, Lord and Savior.


The Pastoral Council serves in a consultative role to the Pastor, and provides the framework through which clergy, religious, and laity can share responsibility. A council is more than an advisory board; it is a leadership community in which the Pastor and the people share in the decision making of the parish. The council is also a community of service that assumes a special accountability for the life of the parish. And it is a community of service that assumes a special accountability for the life of the parish. The council embodies the belief that we are the church, all of us together, clergy, religious, and laity.  


Council meetings are generally held monthly. Parishioners are encouraged to submit questions, concerns, and ideas to the Council. Current members are listed below. Concerns and ideas may also be submitted through the box in the back of the Church or by sending an email to the Council:


2020-21 Pastoral Council Members:


Joseph Nassar (Council Chair)

Jeff Topper (Vice Chair)

Carol Gerkin (Recording Secretary)

Dave Allen

Dustin Auffarth, Sr.

Joseph Kale

Lura Kearns

Cathy Loss

Kelly Lynch

Paul Prodoehl

Melissa Schulze

Betty Svirsko

Luis Zepeda 

St. Joseph Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council assists the Pastor in the administration of parish temporal matters by supporting his stewardship of parish resources while being accountable to the parish and the Diocesan bishop.  The Parish Finance Council is a key element for overseeing and promoting the financial health of the parish.  Meetings are held at least once per quarter, or more frequently, if required.


The responsibilities and activities of the Finance Council include reviewing reports concerning budgeting, receipt and disbursement of income, reviewing periodic financial statements, reporting the financial state of the parish on an annual basis, advising the Pastor on matters incurring and satisfying parish debt, recommending to the Diocese approval of proposed contracts in excess of a threshold dollar amount, and considering issues designed to safeguard the ownership of parish property. 


Members of the Finance Council are appointed by the Pastor.


Finance Council Members:


Rob Apgar, Chair

Richard Arigo

Mary Kate Catlin

Tom Coyne

David Juchno

Chad Martin

Allen Smith

Tony Vaccare