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St. Joseph Parish Pastoral Council

Mission Statement:To serve the entire parish community and assist the Pastor by ensuring that the community’s spiritual needs are met through existing missions, assessing and addressing unmet needs in our community and beyond, and coordinating the talents and energies of parishioners-all to further the evangelization efforts and spiritual growth of the parish.

Pastoral Council provides the framework through which clergy, religious, and laity can share responsibility. A council is more than an advisory board; it is a leadership community in which Pastor and people share in the decision making of the parish. The council is also a community of service that assumes a special accountability for the life of the parish. The council embodies the belief “we are the church, all of us together, clergy, religious, and laity”.  Meetings are generally held monthly.  .


Parish Pastorial Council Members:


Jim Slee- Chair

Chris Ransier-Vice Chair


Carolyn Fanus-Secretary


John Gindlesberger

Marty Durkin

John Jurasic

Martin Santoyo

Mark McCusker

Paul Seymour


Rebecca Rambol

Thomas M Scheivert

Joaquin Dela Torre









St. Joseph Parish Finance Council

Mission Statement: The Parish Finance Council assists the pastor in the administration of parish temporal matters by supporting the pastor in his stewardship of parish resources while being accountable to the parish and the diocesan bishop.  The Parish Finance Council is a key element for promoting the financial health of the parish.  Meetings are held at least once per quarter, or more frequently, if required.


Included among the activities of the Finance Council are reviewing reports concerning budgeting, receipt and disbursement of income, reviewing periodic financial statements, reporting the financial state of the parish on an annual basis, advising the Pastor concerning incurring and satisfying parish debt, recommending to the diocese approval of proposed contracts in excess of a threshold dollar amount, and considering issues designed to safeguard the ownership of parish property.  Members of the Finance Council are appointed by the pastor.


Finance Council Members:


Rob Apgar, Chair -  E-mail: --Phone --717-637-7204

Chris Nagle - E-mail:

Mary Kate Catlin -  E-mail:

David Juchno -  E-mail:

Tony Vaccare -  E-mail:

Richard Arigo - Email:

Allen Smith -


Vision Statement:  ”To develop a parish whose culture enables each person to embrace the Biblical Mandate:  ‘Not to be served but to serve’ (Mark: 10:45) and to love the Lord with all his/her heart, soul and being and to love others in truth, justice, and charity.” 

The Servant Joy Stewardship Council was formed in 2009 to carry out this vision. Servant Joy is a plan to help parishioners feel involved, at home, welcomed and feeling that they belong because they are involved, keeping in mind that all we do starts with, centers on and leads to Jesus. The council leads the parish in serving God and others through its activities and subcommittees:  Spirituality and Prayer, Communications, Evangelization, Treasure, Stewardship Formation and Hospitality.  Every parishioner is given the opportunity to utilize their gifts of time, talent and treasure for the betterment of the parish and the community.


Servant Joy Council Members


Lynne Laughman 

Kelly Lynch - Email:

Betty Svirskko - Emai:


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