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 This program is based on the premise that parents know their children, where they are in their own personal development, and can best judge when their child is ready for specific lessons or information.  The natural innocence of young children may be protected in this way.  During the first four grades, parents will be the teachers.  For each year, we will provide a series of ideas and recommendations for you to review with your children.  These will outline some of the basic concepts that are building blocks to understanding a chaste life and one that looks forward to a holy family life for their future.  In later grades (5 to 8), we will assist parents with some classroom activity to support part of what they will be teaching at home.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) introduces the discussion of chastity by calling it a “Vocation” (CCC#2337ff).  Chastity is the virtue whereby we regulate our use of sexual activity in accord with our state in life.  We want to emphasize the good elements of the Christian Life that are ours as followers of Jesus Christ.  Every disciple observes chastity, though the manner of how it is observed varies per our state in life. The married person, the priest or religious, and the young person all observe chastity, though in different ways.

We want our children to grow up with a proper, healthy, and holy understanding of themselves and their gift of human sexuality.

 FCC Volunteers:  Bob Bennett helps me with this, as of recently.

I utilize Teens to help me teach this program (I have a database of approximately 500 students that I pull from to help me with this program and that list is additionally changing frequently.)


Contact:  Stacey White - Phone - 717-637-5236 ext 5


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