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St. Joseph Parish Council of Catholic Women

The St. Joseph Parish Council of Catholic Women (CCW) is here to carry out the mission of the National Council of Catholic Women: To support, empower, and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service, and to inspire and promote Gospel values in a constantly changing world.

The members of CCW welcome and encourage all women of the Parish to our monthly meetings and events. Women 18 years of age and older are welcome to attend the CCW monthly meeting on the first Thursday of the month (September through June); join us for any of the special events, including masses, conventions, and retreats; or help with any of the local programs that are sponsored through CCW, such as Respect Life, White Ribbons Against Pornography, or Water for Life.

The work of CCW is carried out through the work of three commissions.



Church & Retreats: Reinforces faith and supports service to the Church and to the world through discipleship and spiritual growth. 


Chairpersons: Barbara Burger & Donna Lynch




Community Concerns: To support, sustain, and introduce programs focused on the needs and concerns of our community.


Chairpersons: Peg Clissa & Mary Solarczyk


Family Concerns: To support, protect, and enhance the importance of family life and preserve Christian values within families.


Chairperson: Judy Mlinek


Hispanic Apostalate/ Migrant Ministry: To promote a greater understanding of the Hispanic people and Migrant farm worker.


Chairperson: Veronica Braithwaite


International Concerns: To promote a personal responsibility for our world community through the support of one or more works of peace and justice.


Chairpersons: Linda Urick




Legislation/Respect Life: To show concern for human dignity and life and the integrity of our environment by educating and encouraging participation in the political process through communication of concerns at the local, state, and national levels on current and pending legislative issues.


Chairperson: Carolyn Sponseller


Organization: To promote organized meetings, clear communications at parish, district, and Diocesan levels, and participation in conventions, workshops, and programs. Increase membership at the parish level, and individual memberships at the national level.


Chairpersons: Helen Taylor & Barbara Burger


Public Relations: To seize every opportunity to promote our public image by communicating and publicizing our organization, programs, and events.


Chairperson: Melissa Schulze


Special Diocesan Assessment


Chairpersons: Judy Topper & Barbara Burger


Please contact any one of the CCW officers if you would like more information.


Carolyn Blasczyk, 717-889-2623 & 717-965-1311



Melissa Schulze, 240-277-9485



Pat Freed, 632-2607



Judy Topper, 637-2026.



Helen Taylor, 633-5474



Peg Clissa, 632-7774


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