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If you do not have your student registered for classes, please contact Mrs. White at 717-637-5236, ext. 5 for more information or stop by the parish office to register.  Students may register late but will not be permitted to attend SRI until the week after they register."
"SRI Classes are offered for children in grades PreK thru 8th grade and are on Sunday mornings, 8:45-10:15 and 10:20-11:50."
3.  ALL are WELCOME in SRI, no matter how much or how little religious education your child has had in previous years.  Call Mrs. White today for more information!

Inclement Weather Policy Reminder…



In the event of inclement weather, cancellations will be posted on 

the webpage at (follow the links to Religious Education and then Youth), and also on the recording at 717-637-5236, ext. 5.  

Stacey White - Director of Religious Education

Call Stacey

637-5236, ext.5


The mission of St. Joseph Religious Education Program flows from the mandate of Jesus to go into the whole world and teach the Good News. Our ministry is about proclaiming Christ’s message, growing in our Catholic faith, building community, and calling one another to worship and responsible service.


Faith cannot only be taught. It is a gift that must also be nurtured, experienced, and lived. Therefore, the School of Religious Instruction attempts to provide experiences, which create an atmosphere where students will develop their own faith, and enable them to live and share that faith in all areas and relationships in their daily lives.


Classroom catechesis, and both educational and prayerful experiences, serve to strengthen children’s faith and give it direction, fostering growth through the various stages of faith to Christian maturity. The Religious Education Program at Saint Joseph Parish:

  • Acknowledges that parents are the primary educators for the religious education of their children,

  • Cooperates with parents in providing a Christian environment so that children may deepen their relationship with God through:

    • developing their gift of faith,

    • growing in faith through God’s Word and the Sacraments,

    • responding to faith through celebration of love, and worship,

    • building their awareness of Catholic Christian values, and living accordingly,

    • understanding the tradition and prayers of the Catholic Church,

    • and realizing that service to others and being stewards of creation are integral parts of our faith commitment.


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