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Weekend Masses:

  Saturday Vigil:  5:00 p.m. 


    7:30 a.m.

    9:00 a.m.

   10:30 a.m.

   Noon--Spanish Mass



Weekday Masses:

 Daily:  6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.


8:30 a.m. only


  Saturday:  3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

      Anytime by request






5055 Grandview Road

Hanover, PA 17331


Office: 717-637-5236
Fax: 717-637-6615



School:  717-632-0118



Welcome to St. Joseph Parish, Hanover, PA.

Thank you for visiting the St. Joseph Catholic Church website!


Here at St. Joseph Church, we promote stewardship by encouraging parishioners to acknowledge that everything we have is a gift from God.  We provide opportunities through our many ministries to express our gratitude to Him by using our marvelous gifts of time, talent and financial resources to be true disciples of Jesus Christ.  This message is conveyed in the parish Vision Statement:


To develop a parish whose culture enables each person to embrace the Biblical Mandate:  "Not  to be served but to serve"  (Mark: 10:45), to love the Lord with all his/her heart, soul and being and to love others in truth, justice, and charity.


St. Joseph is a diverse parish of Catholics who are united in their Catholic beliefs.  Our desire is that all parishioners, as members of the body of Christ, will feel personally connected to the parish, thereby growing in love of God and each other.  If you are a member of the parish but have not been attending Mass, please know that you are missed and we encourage you to join us in the celebration of the Eucharist as well as other activities.


Advocacy for People with Disabilities


The Diocese of Harrisburg is committed to working toward full participation of people with disabilities and their families in all aspects of the life of the Church.  The Diocesan Office of Ministry for People with Disabilities initiated the Parish Advocacy Program in 2007 to enable parishes to better respond to the gifts and needs of their parishioners with disabilities. 


Fran Stringer has been appointed by Monsignor Lyons to serve as our Parish Advocate.  A Parish Advocate works with the pastor and also the Office of Ministry with People with Disabilities in the diocese.   This person strives to assist parishioners with disabilities to become full participants in the life of the church – spiritually, physically and socially. 


If you or someone you know is limited in participation at St. Joseph Parish and this could be improved by special accommodations please let Fran know how we might work with you to remove roadblocks to full inclusion in our parish life.  She can be reached by calling the Parish Office at 637-5236.   Please leave your name, contact information and the most convenient time for a call back.  



St. Joseph Parish has enlisted Parish Giving to provide its members with the opportunity to use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as an alternative method for giving. 


Click on Parish Giving logo above to register for the program.


Parish Giving allows participants to donate a recurring contribution that is automatically transferred from your checking or savings account, or even credit card, on a monthly basis, and you select your own billing date. This Program can be utilized for your Sunday contributions, as well as any Holy Day Collection and all diocesan collections.


The use of EFT is not only time saving and convenient for you, but also allows our Parish to realize a more consistent level of support. By signing up for Parish Giving, you will know that you are doing your part to support the Parish even at times you are not able to be physically present to celebrate with the Parish Community.




St. Joseph Parish Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, November 10 from 8 am till 2 pm.  Vendors, Bake Sale, Grannie's attic, and much more.  Breakfast and Lunch served.  Sponsored by the Fun(d) Committee.  All proceeds to benefit the parish.

We are collecting for Grannie's attic starting Monday, November 5.    No Electronics please


Paint Night- Friday, November 16- details to follow


Cookie Sale for Hunger:  Sales begin on the weekend of 17/18 and November 25/26.  More info to follow


The weekend of December 8/9 - second annual Cookie Sale for Hunger.  More details to follow.


 Paint Night- Friday, November 16- details to follow


On Sept. 1, 2017 UPMC Pinnacle Health acquired Hanover Healthcare Plus, the parent company of Hanover Hospital.   UPMC Pinnacle Health’s interpretation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 (HIPAA) is different than what Hanover Hospital’s interpretation has been.  Among other things HIPAA requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information.  While Hanover Hospital has been meeting the requirements of the law, UPMC Pinnacle Health’s interpretation is stricter regarding the dissemination of a patient’s health information. Here is what it means for you if you go into Hanover Hospital beginning in December 2018, next month.

  1. Clergy will not be able to view denominational lists of parishioners at the front desk. (We used to be able to do that but no longer come December).    
  2. Clergy will not be able to obtain patent information at the front desk unless they have the name of the patient they want to visit.  This will be the same for all visitors.
  3. If the patient indicates a congregational affiliation in the admissions interview, the Chaplain will call the congregation.  If the patent indicates to the Chaplain on his or her rounds that he or she belongs to a particular congregation and gives permission the Chaplain will call the congregation.
  4. In an emergency if the patient or family indicates a congregational affiliation to the Chaplain or other staff member and gives permission to call the congregation, every effort will be made to notify that congregation. 

If you become a patient at Hanover Hospital and want a priest and or deacon to visit you please let the parish office

know when you are going in and approximately for how long.  If you cannot do that then have a family member do it.  When you are in the admissions process let them know you are Catholic and belong to St. Joseph Parish.  In an emergency have a family member call the parish office.  To be safe tell us the name under which the person was admitted, not a nick name. 

A priest or deacon regularly visits Hanover Hospital on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or Saturday.  Holy Communion is brought to St. Joseph Parish patients on Sunday by an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.





Dear Volunteers,

Thank you and God reward you for your hard work and dedication to helping the nuns as they make their transition to Fairfield.  I am enclosing the new volunteer links for you to browse and decide if they are something you would like to do. Please use the links to volunteer. The information will go directly to the Sisters.
Needed items food for Bishop Mass with Nuns


150th Anniversary of the Diocese of Harrisburg

1868 – March 3 – 2018 Theme: “Ad futuram rei memoriam” “For a Lasting Remembrance” (Taken from the Papal Bull establishing the Diocese) On March 3, 1868, Pope Pius IX, accepting the recommendation of the Bishops of the Second Plenary Council of the United States of America, issued a decree establishing the Diocese of Harrisburg.  We...

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Diocesan History

On March 3, 1868, Pope Pius IX, accepting the recommendation of the Bishops of the Second Plenary Council of the United States of America, issued a decree establishing the Diocese of Harrisburg: “Wherefore, in keeping with the counsel of the aforementioned Cardinals, and exercising Our Full Apostolic Authority, We hereby establish and constitute in the City of Harrisburg a new Episcopal See,...

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Weekly Homilies



Beautiful weekend retreat for 12 Holy Name men from St Joseph’s. Retreat Master was Bishop Gainer, who delivered some inspirational conferences. Question for you in the Crucifixion picture: besides the obvious, what do the shadows represent from Scripture? The ‘morning Coffee Club’: John Zygmunt, Will Smith, Dick Arigo, Craig Redding, Gilbert Mehring, Wayne Groft, Jeff Erich, and Ken Carta.  Not shown: Jim Martin, Mike Staub, Dick Young.  Deacon Tom is shooting the photo.  In the Will Smith photo, please don’t inform his therapy nurse about his satisfying deserts


The annual Mass and Dinner for the Conewago District of the Council of Catholic Women was recently hosted by the CCW of St. Francis Xavier, Gettysburg. More than 50 attended. The con-celebrated Mass (of Deanery priests, including Fr. Matt Morelli of St. Joseph) included the installation of the 2018-2020 officers, including St. Joseph's own Judy Topper, the new Treasurer. At the Dinner, the guests were attentive to the talk of Sister Marianne Therese Lallone, IHM (from Immaculata University), who spoke about her role in procuring vocations to the religious life. Sister Marianne thanked the CCW and highlighted how CCW contributions to the Vocation Purse Club greatly benefited the young women entering religious life. Pictured are (left to right): Judy Topper, Helen Shireman, Peg Clissa, Sr. Marianne, Carolyn Sponseller, Barbara Burger, and Deacon Tom Aumen.


Diocesan priest Fr. Paul C.B. Schenck, one of two Diocesan certified bio-ethicists, recently spoke with the parish Cancer Support Group about end of life issues.  When challenging decisions present themselves, Fr. Paul asked the listeners to consider whether treatment should/can be continued by answering 3 questions: 1.) is further treatment futile without a cure?  2.) will treatment add days to one's life but also extend the pain and suffering?  3.) is further treatment burdensome? If the answer is Yes! to any/all of the questions, then it is morally OK to discontinue further treatment. Pictured: Jackie Redding, Sara Zartman, and Shirley Masenheimer informally chat about their cancer status; and Fr. Paul chats with Jack Krepps about making the proper decisions.  Also, Fr. Paul is shown with CSG moderator Deacon Tom Aumen.


These Deacon Candidates, now in their 4th year of formation, participate in a recent regional videoconferencing with their classmates. Held at St. Joseph, it includes Carlos Pichardo, far right, from the parish.


Parishioners from St. Joseph’s find time to serve in ministry in both the Church and the community. Here, Duane Smith, John Zinn, and the Lion (Tom Staub) help the Hanover Lions Club raise charitable funds at the Hanover Market on Chestnut Street.



Deacon Tom serving with Bishop Waltersheid, Deacon Neil Crispo (St. Joseph, York), and Deacon Tom Lang (St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Harrisburg) at the Deacon Retreat Mass at Malvern.

Bishop William Waltersheid (of Pittsburgh) is pictured with Deacon Tom Aumen at Malvern Family Life Center (Philadelphia) where the Diocese of Harrisburg Deacons and wives met for their annual Retreat. Deacon Tim Shultis also attended the retreat. Bishop Waltersheid, formerly a priest of the Harrisburg Diocese, presented a theme of “Believing in our Faith”, and spoke also of the Church’s great love for the Blessed Mother.



Members of St. Joseph's Cancer Support Group enjoyed an evening of good food and fellowship as they participated in an Evening Tea at Higinbotham's in New Oxford. Pictured at the 'Table of Plenty' are: Jerry Carbaugh, Jeanie Mehring, Donna Weaver, Phyllis Berkheimer, Pat Freed (kneeling), Minor Adams, Christeena Bowers (kneeling), Sheila Long, Pat Weaver, Shirley Masenheimer, and Jim Martin. Deacon Tom Aumen, Moderator for the CSG, also attended.  In the second picture, Christeena Bowers and Pat Freed enjoy some quiet time in conversation and tea.


Members of St. Joseph's Widower's Club recently spent a calm afternoon relaxing on the ~1300 acres of waters of Lake Codorus aboard a pontoon boat captained by Jim Miner. Sighting a red-tail hawk, the resident osprey, and other wildlife, the group enjoyed refreshments and a warm sun to supplement the fellowship.  Afterward, they gathered at Dutch Country Restaurant for supper.  Joining the outing were: (Picture 1) Larry Gruse, Chuck Williams, Willis Myers, and Jerry Carbaugh; and (Picture 2) George Tillman, Tom Rourke, and Bernie Funk.  Deacon Tom, Moderator of the W.C., accompanied the group.

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