Ushers serve under the direction of the St. Joseph Hospitality Committee whose goal is to provide a warm and welcoming experience for all parishioners and visitors to the Church.  Before Mass, usher functions include assisting attendees with information and special seating requirements; during Mass conducting Mass collections and safeguarding same, maintaining proper civic and religious order, facilitating emergency situations;  recruiting individuals to participate in the offertory procession; during the distribution of Holy Communion, managing the flow of traffic, ensuring the elderly and handicapped are accommodated and maintaining alertness, taking appropriate action when necessary to ensure proper respect and sanctity of the consecrated host.  After Mass, hand out parish bulletins and provide assistance to handicapped parishioners or those with small children while exiting the church.  Four to six ushers are needed for each Mass.  In addition to the Mass itself, the time commitment includes 15 minutes before and after.  If you are a take-charge person and you feel God is calling you to service, this ministry may be for you.    
Contact:  Ray Johns - Phone No. 717- 637-6143