Established in 1940, Delone Catholic High School is located in South Central Pennsylvania, 13 miles east of Gettysburg, in Adams County, in the Diocese of Harrisburg. It enrolls students from both Pennsylvania and Maryland. As a Catholic, diocesan secondary school, Delone Catholic serves students of all faiths in Grades 9 through 12. Delone Catholic offers its students a program of studies and activities designed to provide them with diverse experiences which will equip them to recognize and respond to the Truth. In an atmosphere conducive to the growth of the whole person, the faculty and staff encourage its students to integrate the spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, personal, social and physical aspects of life. They also challenge them to strive for excellence and to assume their roles as responsible citizens of the modern world.

Delone Catholic High School

Chastity Formation Peer Educator Meetings:

  • Freshmen Meeting, Tuesday, May 6th during Homeroom (7:55-8:15am)


  • Sophomore Meeting, Thursday, May 8th during Homeroom (7:55-8:15am)


  • Junior Meeting, Friday, May 9th during Homeroom (7:55-8:15am)