Communications Committee

“We cannot communicate with the Lord if we do not communicate with one another”

Pope Benedict XVI

May 29, 2005

As a stewardship parish, St.Joseph's has a communications plan that includes the regular sharing of information, news of upcoming events, and special announcement both within and outside the parish community. This plan includes the use of various types of media and methods of communication. It is intended to keep parishioners invested and involved in the parish and the outside community aware of our activities and contributions.

John Jurasic is available to help anyone or any organization do a press release, or in other ways help them to get the word out where it is needed.  Please contact John at 717-637-0480 or email address:


Ray is keeping the website current by deleting outdated news/information and entering news of upcoming events and other timely material.  Parish organizations and committees are encouraged to submit information for the website to Ray's  email  or dropping it off to his attention at the parish administrative office, 5055 Grandview Road, Hanover.

Contact:  Ray Johns - Phone - 717-637-6143



Stacey White and Mary Martz are the contacts for any posting to Facebook.